Ball and Chain by Social Distortion from "Social Distortion" Album


Social Distortion : Ball and Chain

@11:04am on 21 Apr305+
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Anonymous typed:
Where are you ticklish?


@1:20pm on 20 Apr
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every word in this sentence comes together beautifully to make all of my dreams come true

@10:46pm on 15 Apr3+
i desperately need all of these things;  preferably at the same time;  

spring-themed cover for today’s class

@3:45pm on 15 Apr9+
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"Grandpa" is about how I got to see my grandfather hours before he passed by catching a last minute flight to Korea without notice.  I initially wrote out my final words to him, but I think page 7 speaks for itself.  Page 8 is a bit of a family secret.

@12:58pm on 14 Apr13+
amazing illustration peeps;  comic;  Illustration;  

No Rest for the Wicked by Lykke Li from "No Rest for the Wicked - Single" Album


Lykke Li | No Rest for the Wicked

@9:25am on 14 Apr1777+
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short people problems: what concerts look like from way down here

@3:06pm on 13 Apr2+
@10:58pm on 12 Apr7+
(help i'm still hungry);  

first time going outside

@2:54pm on 12 Apr3+
the boo;  
@10:58pm on 11 Apr1605+


flowers, because springtime 

@8:23pm on 11 Apr9+

Takeover by VILLΛGE from "Takeover" Album

@10:36pm on 10 Apr25+
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the woes of owning an art tumblr but not drawing fanart


@10:16pm on 10 Apr37+

"I would like to receive two rubs, exactly. A third one and I will bite the shit out of you as per protocol."

@4:15pm on 10 Apr3+
I made a cute friend today;  cat;  kittyface;  
Anonymous typed:
You are incredibly creative and attractive and I sincerely enjoy your blog :) Have a nice day!

Golly, thanks anon, hope you’re having a good day too. :)

@2:56pm on 10 Apr
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